Product overview:
start.html Overview of our products

cara-powerpack.html The CARA 2.2 PLUS PowerPack
cara-raumakustik-simulation.html The Comprehensive Room Acoustics Simulation Software CARA
system.html Systems Requirements for the Program CARA
presse.html Survey of CARA Press Reports & Test Reviews
faq.html FAQ for the Room Acoustics Software CARA
matanl.html How to update of the CARA Material Database
matanl2.html Using Materials Specified by Other Users
cara-test-cd.html Experience the Acoustics of Your Room
cara-test-dvd.html Perfect adjustments for surround receiver, subwoofer, bass management; comprehnsive explanations and methods of testing
cara-training-cdrom.html Video Tutorial CD-ROM for CARA 2.1/2.2
fastaudio-absorber.html Sound Absorber Elements of Highest Quality for Living Rooms
hifish-audio-controller.html Measuring Instrument for SPL, Frequency Response and Reverberation Time with Computer Interface

acdown.html Download / Update of the PC-Software for the HiFish Audio Controller
material.html CARA Material Database
moebel.html Download of CARA 3D Objects and Furnishings
patches.html Downloads and Updates for the Program CARA

menu.html A detailed description of CARA / Walkthrough

boxen.html Overview / Download of the CARA loudspeaker models

info.html Description of the section User loudspeaker models
kontakt.html Upload of User loudspeaker models
boxen.php Overview / Download of the User loudspeaker models

en_win7 Steps needed to run CARA® on newer version of windows like Vista?
kontakt.php International contact page
impressum.html Imprint of this CARA web page


Alias: CARA Computer Aided Room Acoustics is linked to CARA Computer Aided Room Acoustics is linked to CARA Computer Aided Room Acoustics

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